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New `Tuskegee-Like Experiment' Planned with Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine, Reported by Classen Immunotherapies

BALTIMORE, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was released today by Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.:

The FDA cleared yesterday a controversial new pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine with questionable safety and a US government advisory panel is planning to selectively target black children and Native American children for immunization. This plan is being criticized for making children of certain racial minorities ``human guinea pigs''. It is possible that 1% or more of the children who receive the vaccine may develop insulin dependent diabetes or another autoimmune disease from the vaccine.

This week the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended that children under 2 receive the new pneumococcal vaccine but that black and Native American children age 2-5 be selectively targeted for immunization. This policy has come under criticism because the vaccine has never been properly tested for safety and the FDA has been told by an expert that the vaccine is expected to cause an epidemic of autoimmune disease.

The controversial vaccine is the conjugated 7-valent pneumococcal vaccine which is really a combination of 7 different vaccines, each to a separate strain of pneumococcal pneumonia bacteria. The vaccine is similar in structure to the already marketed hemophilus meningitis vaccine, a vaccine linked to large epidemics of insulin dependent diabetes.

Dr. J. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, published data in the British Medical Journal (BMJ 1999; 319:1133) supporting a causal relationship between the hemophilus vaccine and the development of insulin dependent diabetes. The vaccine has been incriminated in causing over 58 cases of insulin dependent diabetes per 100,000 children immunized in Finland. Dr. Classen told the FDA at a recent meeting that the 7 valent pneumococcal vaccine may be 7 times as toxic as the hemophilus vaccine, possibly causing an estimated 400 to 700 children to develop insulin dependent diabetes/100,000 children immunized. These cases of diabetes may not occur until 3.5 to 10 years following immunization.

``The government's plan to selectively target black and Native Americans is likely to have the effect of genocide, 0.5% of children who receive this vaccine may develop insulin dependent diabetes from the vaccine and diabetes is just one of many life threatening autoimmune disease,'' states Classen. ``I believe the vaccine clearly should not have been approved by the FDA because it does not meet the criteria for approval based on US law.''

Dr. Classen's research has been published in numerous journals and featured in national news reports. For the latest information on the effects of vaccines on insulin dependent diabetes and other autoimmune diseases visit the Vaccine Safety Website.

Contact Congressman Dan Burton's Office (Tel: 202-225-5074; Fax: 202-226-1274) if you want this stopped You can email one of his staff members Beth Clay