Classen Immunotherapies' Vaccine Technology


        Classen Immunotherapies has received numerous patents covering its discoveries pertaining to the effects of vaccines on diabetes and other chronic immune mediated diseases.


1. Immunization Starting at Birth (US Patent 5,728,385)

        Classen Immunotherapies has a patent covering immunization starting soon after birth to prevent IDDM and other chronic diseases. The initial dose of a vaccine would preferably be given to newborns before leaving the hospital however additional doses could be given in the first month of life. Immunization starting after birth is feasible though previously it was not considered ideal because antibody titers were generally not as high (Halsey & Galazka, 1985); (Fischer, Ottolini & Mond, 1997). The HiB vaccine which is associated with an increased risk of IDDM when given starting after 2 months can also be given at birth (Kurikka, Kayhty, Peltolaet al.1995) and still induce a protective immune response. Prior aversion to immunization at birth included the assumption that exposure to antigens in the first few days of life leads to anergy. However, new evidence has shown that an infant is capable of developing an protective immune response when immunized starting at birth (Ridge, Fuchs & Matzinger, 1996) (Sarzotti, Robbins & Hoffman, 1996) (Forsthuber, Yip & Lehmann, 1996) .


2. Screening Immunization Schedules (US Patents 5,723,283; 6,420,139;   6,638,739;  7,008,790)

        Classen Immunotherapies has  patents covering methods of comparing immunization schedules for their ability to modulate type I diabetes and other chronic diseases. This technology includes cohort studies and clinical trials looking to determine if changes in immunization schedule will alter the development of diabetes and other chronic diseases.


Classen Immunotherapies' vaccine technology is also covered by a US published patent application 20020155436 ,  PCT/US2005/011386; WO/2005/097188


The patents and published application are available on the US Patent office's web site (United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page ) .

These  patents are available for licensing.