Classen Immunotherapies' data linking vaccines to insulin dependent diabetes has been covered in the following press organizations.

Press Coverage Not Up to Date, Since 1999

I.Television and Radio

September 26, 1999: Here's to Your Health, the syndicated radio show,  aired a one hour interview with Dr. J. Bart Classen regarding the safety of vaccines. The show airs of approximately 100 radio stations. 


August 16, 1999: NewsNight Maryland, Maryland Public Television, aired a live panel discussion on the risks of vaccines. The panel included Dr. J. Bart Classen. 


September 25, 1998: ABC World News Tonight interviewed Dr. J. Bart Classen regarding the long term effects of vaccines on diabetes and asthma. Special mention was made to the link between vaccines and diabetes.


July 29, 1998: Canadian Broadcasting Company aired an interview of Dr. J. Bart Classen pertaining to the potential dangers of the Hepatitis B vaccine.  


February 20,21,22, 1998Discovery Channel, Discovery News. The Discovery Channel reported on the timing of immunization and the risk of IDEM.


February 16, 1998 : ABC World News Tonight "A Closer Look"; special report. ABC reported on the timing of immunization and the risk of IDEM.





September 24, 1999: Great Lakes College of Medicine invited Dr. J. Bart Classen to speak for 2 hours on the risks and benefits of vaccines.


May 14-15, 1998: National Institutes of Health (NIH, Bethesda) sponsors meeting to discuss the role of vaccines on IDEM. Meeting focuses on data of   J. Barthelow Classen and David Carey Classen.


March 20, 1998: Johns Hopkins University sponsored a meeting to discuss data of Dr. J. Bart Classen and Dr. David Carey Classen. New data linking the Hemophilus vaccine to an increased risk for diabetes was presented.


September 15-18, 1996: American Society of Microbiology promoted the research of Dr. J. Bart Classen and Dr. David Carey Classen pertaining to vaccines and IDEM as some of the most press worthy research presented at the 36th ICAAC meeting held in New Orleans.


III. Publications (Incomplete List)

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IV. The Internet (Incomplete)

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