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Military immunization associated with increased risk of diabetes, especially in women. Risk includes Anthrax vaccine. Findings consistent with reports that Persian Gulf war veterans are at increased risk for Lou Gehrigs’ disease.


Baltimore, December 27, 2001: Data published this week in Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine shows that the rate of insulin dependent diabetes in those entering the US navy is about the same as controls but reaches up to 5.5 times that of controls in women, and 2.5 times that of controls in men by the age of 35. The findings are consistent with the US government data that Persian Gulf war veterans were about twice as likely to develop Lou Gehrigs’ disease.


Dr. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, was an author of the paper. He has published extensive data that that vaccines cause insulin dependent diabetes, including data from a large clinical trial which provides proof the hemophilus vaccine causes insulin dependent diabetes in children. The data on the US sailors is the first data he has published linking development of diabetes to immunization of adults. The data was presented to Congress on October 12, 1999 at The Committee on Government Reform of the United States House of Representatives on the subject "Defense Vaccines: Force Protection or False Securities". Dr. J. Barthelow Classen was an expert to Congress and warned Congress that there were long term risks with receiving the anthrax and other military vaccines.

"The evidence indicates vaccines are one of the largest if not largest causes of insulin dependent diabetes in the US" says Classen. " We have published and presented extensive data supporting a causal relationship. Many smaller studies performed by others support our work." He cites a recent US government study that the combined effect of the hemophilus vaccine and the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR) may increase the risk of insulin dependent diabetes by 60%. "The US government's data support our findings that the MMR and hemophilus vaccines cause a large rise in the risk of diabetes."

Dr. Classen’s research has been published in numerous journals and featured in national news reports. For the latest information on the effects of vaccines (including anthrax) on insulin dependent diabetes and other autoimmune diseases visit the Vaccine Safety Website (http://vaccines.net) .