Family History  Greatly Increases the Risk of Vaccine Induced Diabetes.

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Data from published papers shows children with a sibling having type 1 diabetes are highly likely to develop vaccine induced type 1 diabetes. The hemophilus vaccine for example may cause over 2% of these children to develop type 1 diabetes. Other vaccines have a similar magnitude of effect. This data is being submitted for publication, however the public is being made aware of the information as part of a public health measure. The FDA has been notified and will hopefully make an appropriate response.  The data below, appearing in PCT/US2005/011386; WO/2005/097188  indicates that the underling  rate of diabetes in children with a sibling with diabetes is 493 cases/100,000 per year compared to 781 cases/100,000 per year in children receving one or more doses of hemophilus vaccine. This amounts to an increase in 288 cases/100,000 children per year. Over 10 years this leads to an increase of 2,880/100,000 or 2.8%. Note the the hemophilus vaccine is associate with an similar increase relative risk in children with siblings with type 1 diabetes (Table 1B) versus all children (Table 1A) 1.58 vs 1.23.




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