Multiple sclerosis has been reported to become clinical apparent or be exacerbated following immunization with a variety of vaccines (Paffy & Merei, 1961); (Miller et al., 1967).


Multiple Sclerosis References


3A. British Medical Journal 1967, April 22, 210-213

The authors present 9 cases of multiple sclerosis, 5 cases first occurred after vaccination and 4 cases had exacerbations after immunization. They say (p. 212 second column last paragraph) "That vaccination and inoculation sometimes provoke exacerbations seems certain, and they are clearly better avoided by the patient except in circumstances that render the hazard preferable to the alternative (page 212, column 2 last paragraph)"


3B. Lancet 338:1174-1175. 1991

The authors report 2 cases of demyelination after hepatitis B vaccination.


3C. World Neurology 2:167-171, 1961

The paper reviews several cases of vaccine associated multiple sclerosis. " In 6 of 8 cases reported, neurologic syndromes first manifested as complications of the administration of a serum or vaccine and later development corresponded to that of multiple sclerosis (summary page 170)"


3D. Lancet September 16, 1978, p636

The author reports 5 cases of multiple sclerosis occurring after swine flu vaccination.


3E. J. Neurological Sciences 26:259-270, 1975

The authors describe three cases of multiple sclerosis associated with vaccination.

"The attention needs to be drawn to the 3 cases in this series in which there was some relationship to vaccination (page 268 last paragraph)."


3F. Arch. Neurol 35: 693, 1978

The authors describe a multiple sclerosis like illness occurring 4 years after rabies immunization. It references a paper describing similar cases presenting 2-20 years after immunization with the rabies vaccine.


3G. Jama 225:63-64, 1973

The authors report a case of multiple sclerosis induced/exacerbated vaccination.