Vaccine Safety First!!​

     This site is dedicated to the promotion of safer immunization practices through the application of scientific principles to vaccine research. The website highlights research into the long term effects of vaccines and discusses potential harmful effects of vaccines. The content of  this site is not intended to be anti-immunization but instead to promote the concept that the goal of immunization is to promote health not eradicate infections. It is hoped that through the collection and dissemination of information about the chronic effects of vaccines, safer immunization practices will become available for those who choose to be immunized.​​
     There is growing evidence that immunization causes a large number of other chronic diseases including autism, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, cancers, and  Gulf War Syndrome. Data linking these diseases to vaccines includes human and animal data. In many cases the increased risk of developing these diseases following immunization exceeds the risk of the infectious complications prevented by immunization.